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[edit] Introduction

Hello fellow pool players, this has been devised as a place to record the exploits of the Trevs pool teams past and present.

The Captain for season 2015/16 is Alexander Myatt, for season 2016/17 the captains are Alex Crisp & Angus Hodgkiss, who should be contacted by anyone wanting Trevs pool information.

Notifications will be posted to this website, Trevelyan College Pool Facebook group

[edit] Philosophy

Filth. Two-shot filth. Cover the bag. Filth. Set up the in-off on the black (aka Tom Brett style). Use five deliberate fouls to push the black onto the top cushion (aka Jimmy style). Take 3mins + per shot (aka James Rentoul style). Flabagance. Canoodling. Crazy dancing between visits (seek out Crazy Dancing Fool aka Chris Pocock, successor to Ben Jarrett, for advice). 

Motto (from the Latin): "You don't enjoy it, you endure it."

Unofficial Motto: "Non ludes ut vincas; ludes ut cladem vites."

                           lit.  "You do not play to win, you play to avoid defeat."


Current Teams

Trevs will have 5 teams in the DUPL for 2015/16

Trevs A play in The Premiership on a Wednesday.

Trevs B and C play in Division 1 on a Sunday.

Trevs E & F play in Division 2 on a Tuesday.

[edit] Past Seasons















[edit] Trevs Singles Champions

2015 - Oliver Wales (bt Tom Ferguson 10-9)

2014 - Oliver Wales (bt Tom Ferguson 10-7)

2013 - Tom Ferguson (bt Matty Gornall 10-5)

2012 - David Bastable (bt James Rentoul 10-3)

2011Joe Bryan (bt James Rentoul 10-5)

2010 - Benjamin Jarrett (bt Charles Reid 10-5)

2009 - Mark Harrison (bt Joe Bryan 10-4)

2008 - Mark Harrison (bt Joe Bryan 10-6)

2007 - Mark Harrison (champion by default: Jimmy and Pete never played their semi-final)

2006 - Alex Kvasovs (bt Matt Middleton 7-1)

2005 - Chris Robinson?

2004 - Mark Kidd?

2003 - Nick More (bt Mark Kidd?)

2002 - Nick More (bt Alan Cooper?)

[edit] Trevs Doubles Champions

2015 - Tom Ferguson & Ryan Marsden (bt Alexander Myatt & Angus Paterson, 6-3)

2014 - Philip Waite & Oliver Wales (bt Angus Smith & Tom Radley, 5 - 4)

2013 - Philip Waite & Oliver Wales (bt Mark Lazar & Ed Sara-Kennedy, 5 - 1)

2012 - Philip Waite & Oliver Wales (bt David Bastable & Dom Weston, 4 - 3)

2011 - Joe Bryan & Tom Whale (bt Chris Chapman & Michael Godfrey, 4 - 0)

2004 - Mark Harrison & Nick More (bt Si McKee & Mark Kidd, 3 - 2 (presumably))

[edit] Uni Singles

2014/15 Season

2013/14 Season

2012/13 Season

2011/12 Season

[edit] Sportsman's Ball

Sportsman's Ball, 2012

Sportsman's Ball, 2011

Sportsman's Ball, 2010

[edit] Pool Ladder

Pool Ladder 2010/11

Pool Ladder 2011/12

[edit] Rules for Snowman Pool

1) Obtain a snowman

2) Put the snowman in a pocket so balls can't go into that pocket

3) Break

4) Move the snowman one pocket clockwise

5) Play next shot

6) Move snowman again and so on

7) If a double is potted the snowman reverses direction

8) If a plant is potted the snowman skips a pocket

9) If a player pots two balls at once they may move the snowman to a pocket of their choosing.

10) If a player goes in-off on the black they have to sing "Frosty the Snowman"

[edit] Rules for Killer 

1) Before the game begins, decide and agree on the order that everyone plays and the number of lives that each person has.

2) The players take it in turn to play one shot each. The primary objective is to pot a ball. The secondary objective is to leave the cue ball in a position which makes the following player's shot tricky.

3) If you miss a pot, you lose a life.

4) If you pot the white, you lose a life.

5) If you pot the black (the so called 'Black Gamble') then you gain a life.

6) Potting more than one ball on a shot results in the gain of a life for each ball after the first (potting three balls would result in the gain of two lives, potting three balls including the black would result in the gain of three lives, etc.)

7) If no ball is potted off the break, then that person takes another shot. If a ball is potted off the break, then the following person has their turn.

8) Potting multiple balls off the break does not result in the gain of a life/lives.

9) If you pot the white off the break, you lose a life.

10) If all balls are potted, re-rack and continue playing, with the next player in line breaking.

11) When a player reaches zero lives, they are permitted one more shot. This shot has to be played one-handed. Dispatching the ball one-handed earns the player a life and they go back to having the option of playing with both hands.

12) If the one-handed attempt fails, then that person is eliminated from the game and the remaining players fight it out.

13) Last person standing wins the game.

[edit] Speed Pool

Rules: Pot all the balls in any order in the fastest time. Clock starts on the first shot after the break. Add your personal best here.


58s* - Mark Harrison 

58s* - Trevs A team 2015-16

59s - Joe Bryan 

1m 03s - David Bastable

1m 07s - Benjamin Jarrett

1m 17s - Trevs A team 2013-14

1m 32s - Luke Phillippo

1m 39s - Trevs D team 2011-12 (08/12/2011)

1m 43s - Chris Chapman

1m 44s - Chris Pocock

1m 50s - Patrick Vanderpant

6hr 27m 34s - Stephen Hawking (harsh - ed.)

*Time-keeping disputed

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